purse trend The Neon Purse Trend of 2011

Some of the hottest designers that have created spring and summer collections for viewers just like you to enjoy and find their fashion inspiration have unleashed color back on to the runway. Through the vibrant hues that we have seen taking the runway, we are seeing bright and neon colors including yellow, pink and green.

These bright colors are going to be most popular on handbags, as you can easily find a bag to suit your personal style and find an option that is going to help you to create the center of attention feel that you would like your handbag to have.

Where can you shop for the popular neon handbags? The neon handbags are not only popular throughout the designer collections, but the designer inspired styles are going to see just as much action for people that are unable to accommodate the upwards of several thousand dollars that comes as the price tag of some of these designer bags.