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Vintage Lace Wedding Gowns

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vintage lace Vintage Lace Wedding GownsVintage lace comes with a design that is so special and filled with history that it can be rare and difficult to find. Brides that are seeking the ultimate style for their wedding should consider vintage lace and the creation …

Vintage Bridal Purses

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vintage bridal purse Vintage Bridal PursesFor brides that are seeking something a little different to add to their attire and would like to consider something innovative for their ‘something old’ there are a number of options that the bride can choose from.

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Quilted Handbags

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quilted handbags Quilted HandbagsPopular a couple of years ago, all of the latest designer inspired styles were created from fabrics and similar tones and textures that were quilted together through the designs in the bags, creating a unique look that could be chosen …

Shopping for Vintage Handbags

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chanelbag Shopping for Vintage Handbags There are many styles of vintage handbags that can be chosen from. From the many styles that are available, you can find the ultimate genuine unique handbag to add to your accessory wardrobe.

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How to Refurbish Vintage Bags

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vintage bags How to Refurbish Vintage Bags Vintage leather bags are available in the most posh of vintage stores and can sometimes even be found in your own closet, sort of a diamond in the rough. When it comes to the care of the leather bag, it …

Shopping for A Vintage Bag in a Thrift Stores and Vintage Stores

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louie vintage bag Shopping for A Vintage Bag in a Thrift Stores and Vintage Stores Thrift stores are full of treasures, many of which can also be found at specialized vintage stores that charge a higher price than these thrift stores which can be found on practically every corner within a city. There are many …