elvire leather tote by chloe 14 Leather Tote BagsTote bags are not only one of the hottest looks for the upcoming fall season and incredibly accessible as they can carry a variety of items within the bag, they are also a great way to choose a bag that consists of a classic style that can be used season after season. Whether you choose a neutral which can fit easily into the accessory wardrobe to be paired with many clothing items or you choose a bright and bold color which can provide a focal point for many of the outfits that are chosen, leather tote bags are a great addition to the wardrobe and worth the cost of the genuine leather, which is often significantly more expensive than other textile choices that are available.

What should you look for while choosing a leather tote bag? To ensure that the bag is going to last as long as the classic style, be sure that the bag is well constructed. Through the use of the classic construction the bag should have adequate stitching throughout. As well, the bag should include a variety of elements, including straps which are long enough to be a genuine tote – as well as padding for when there are heavier items which are being placed into the bag, such as a laptop or files which are being brought home from the office.

When choosing the tote, how do you determine which color or tone of leather is going to fit well within the wardrobe? First, it can be helpful to consider the accessories that are already present within the wardrobe. Which colors are used most, least? Consider choosing a tote that is in a color you will use often as well as a tote which can be paired well with other items in the wardrobe, this is one of the most effective ways you can ensure that you will indeed get the use of the leather tote once it has been purchased.