26 luggage wheels l Can You Replace Luggage Wheels? It seems that the luggage wheels are so easily breakable when it comes to luggage which is used for frequent trips. Whether it is a combination of the not so careful airline staff, or the combination of how often the wheels are bounced around while traveling, the plastic wheels seem to break off of many airline bags and travel bags and even suitcases, leaving many individuals with a non functioning suitcase that seems heavier and heavier to carry around without the wheels to ease the stress on the arms. After all, no matter how heavy the suitcase is, they often seem lighter when the traveler is able to wheel these through the airport, using inertia to help pull along the luggage which has been accumulated while traveling.

Although the wheels seem to break easily, there are many ways that the wheels can be repaired and you may even able to do this at home, if you have access to the right tools which can be used through the wheel repair process. Through the process of the wheels being repaired, it is important to remove all the components and pieces that may be left on the luggage from the last set of wheels. This can be easily removed by using a small screwdriver to remove the wheels from the luggage. After this process has been completed you can simply attach the new wheels to the luggage and you are ready to roll, literally.

There are many places where these new wheels for the luggage can be purchased, without requiring a whole new set of wheels be placed on the item. Through the luggage stores, there are often small repair kits which are available, depending on the brand that has been purchased. Information can also be obtained from the place that the luggage was purchased about certain repairs which can be completed.